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Mangroves are extremely important natural ecosystems, and they need our help.

Among other things, mangroves help protect our coastlines, serve as nurseries and habitats for marine and land animals, filter and maintain our water quality, and are incredibly effective in storing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

In an era of environmental crisis, protecting the natural wonders that surround us is of utmost importance. Mangroves are at risk of human destruction and degradation, and it is up to us to stop it.

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Why Mangroves?​

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Through documenting our natural ecosystems with photography,

The Grove Project hopes to highlight the beauty of nature to show what we have to lose if we all do not help to conserve it. 

All photographs are taken by us.

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Educating Others


Education is the key to change. By educating others about the importance of our natural ecosystems, The Grove Project wants to foster a community where everyone is aware of the challenges our environment is facing and works to save our natural world before it's too late.

Water Monitoring


With the help of EarthEcho International, The Grove Project is committed to monitoring the water quality of a local waterway, Lake Worth Lagoon, every month as a National Water Challenge Ambassador to insure environmental security.

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